A Farewell to Houston’s Warehouse Lives’, Morrow “LA” Potts

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L.A. and that smile

L.A. and that smile

Yesterday (February 4th, 2016), we learned of the untimely passing of our dear friend Morrow “LA” Potts. Sources say that Potts suffered a heart attack that was brought on by diabetes complications. Morrow was rushed to a local Houston area hospital where he later lost his life at the young age of 38 years old. He was never married and had no children. He leaves behind his mother, (whom also has lost her oldest son “Benny Potts”), a host of family members, friends, music/ business associates, and various other people in the community who loved him.

Although LA’s reputation in the music industry is how he is known by most, Tony C. of Maseed Productions had the pleasure of actually knowing him personally as they both grew up together in Santa Ana, Ca. where they attended Saddleback High School. When asked about the passing of his dear friend, Tony C. simple said “I’m hurt beyond words”. Tony visited Morrow, (the name by which he is known by his Santa Ana people) in Texas on 2 separate occasions, in Austin for the SXSW Convention and in Houston while on vacation. “Both times I was there, Morrow held me down with a place to stay, introduced me to some bigs names in the music industry and got us in at all the clubs VIP status. My man Morrow has the key to the city”.

LA was the Production Manager at Houston’s Warehouse Live and was also a key figure in allowing some of the city’s hungry artists, promoters, philanthropists and event goers to gain access to the venue and beyond. Potts was integral in helping launch the careers of many Houston musicians, giving them the go-ahead or idea to take the Warehouse Live stage for their first big venue.

Morrow had a heart of gold, a smile that could light up an arena, the humor of a comedian and the wisdom of a scholar. Morrow, you will be greatly missed by all brother. We love you and please know that this is not goodbye, but rather until we meet again. Go in peace my brother.

Memorial services for Morrow “LA” Potts will be held on Saturday February 20th, 2016 @ 11 AM PST at Brown’s Colonial  Mortuary  204 W 17th St, Santa Ana, CA 92706.  Visitation will be held between 9 AM and 11 aM PST.

A GoFundMe campaign entitled Morrow “”LA” Potts Memorial Fund” has been created to assist with the funeral expenses. If you are able to donate, please CLICK HERE


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