Maseed Productions, pronounced (Ma-seed) is full service music production and recording studio located in the Inland Empire by way of Lake Elsinore California.  Maseed was established in 1994 and quickly gained notoriety as being one of Orange’s first music production labels that specialized in underground and east coast style hip-hop.  

Maseed Productions is owned and operated by producer/engineer Tony C.  Tony C., (formerly know as TONE.E.SEE the Visualist) got his start in music production by first being an MC with a desire to develop his own style and brand.  Being an MC gave Tony C. an advantage when it came to music production because he knew exactly how to make the types of beats that an MC would feel at home rhyming over.  Tony went on to produce for many local and established hip-hop and R&B acts starting from the early 90s to present day.  He attended Long Beach City College circa 1996 where he was enrolled in the music recording program.  It was there were he was formally trained in audio engineering, mixing and mastering.  Tony C. went on to collaborate with other notable producers from the L.A. and Hollywood area which led him to opportunities to showcase his music at some of the most famous studios in the world.  

In the early 2000’s Tony C. released his first album entitled “Tonacity”.  The album was composed of his production and the rap/R&B vocals of various artists that have worked with him throughout the years on various projects.  The Tonacity album was distributed and reached fans as far away as Germany.  Circa 2007, Tony C. received his first industry placement, (thanks to long time friend and collaborator, Kareem Fort) when he did the remix to Hipnott Records recording artists, Spectac and Amiri’s hit song entitled “My God”.  From there Tony C. continued to work with the label on other projects such as “The Executive Suite” album which featured acts like Rapsody, Dave East, Raven Sorvino, The Bodega Bruvas, Head Krack of the Ricky Smiley Show, Boog Brown, 4-IZE, Hardwerk, Senior Kaos, Noni Spitz and a long list of others.  Most recently, Tony C. had the opportunity to remix the hit single “So High” for Australian R&B singer, Annie Medling.

Maseed Productions started small and has always been a conduit for aspiring artists looking to live out their dreams but, who don’t necessarily have the budget to do so.  

We appreciate your interests in doing your next project with Maseed Productions and we look forward to working with you on your next hit.