Australian R&B Sensation Annie Medling Collabs with Maseed Productions on the “So High” Remix

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Wussup families?  Maseed Productions is coming at you with new music and a new outlook.  When you can team up with artists from around the globe, it shows you that the power of the internet and social media is real.  Allow me to share the story with you on how Maseed Productions came to end up producing the remix of the smash single from Australian R&B sensation Annie Medling.

It all started on Instagram, Annie and I had been friends on there for quite some time.  I had been following her music and saw that she released a brand new EP called “Elusive”.  I listened to it and was blown away by her musical talent and professionalism.  Annie is a polished act with a very supportive fan base; just the total package.  The first single off the project, “So High” really caught my ear.  It was a great blend of hip-hop, soul and R&B.  The vibe took me back to the early 90’s and right away, I knew that this was a song that I could freak into something dope.

I reached out to Annie and requested the acapella of the song.  At first I didn’t think she would send it but after some time, I get a DM from her and the next thing I knew, she was sending me the acappella.  I went to work almost immediately.  I knew that I had to do something that preserved that early 90s vibe but would also step it up a notch and take the song in a different direction than the original.  No doubt, in true Maseed fashion, I had to give this joint roots to the underground.  I had to make it raw, it had to be soulful and it had to bang.  I cooked up a soulful, heavily early 90s hip-hop influenced banger and infused it with some modern sparkle to smooth it out and make it suitable for her amazing R&B vocals, yet hard enough to carry the weight of the phenomenal lyrics of featured artists, Chase Baker.  The end product became the new Summertime anthem, “So High” Maseed Productions Remix.

Annie liked the song so much that she decided to show her fans love and release it on her Soundcloud page as a free download.  If you aren’t already knowing about this new sensation that is about to take over the R&B world by storm, then do yourself a favor and visit and get familiar.

You can cop your free download of the “So High” Maseed Productions Remix ft. hip-hop wordsmith, Chase Baker by clicking HERE


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