The BET Hip-Hop Music Awards…Maseed’s Take On It

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What’s good people?  So the talk buzzing all over social media has to do with the BET Hip-Hop Music Awards.  I think it’s only fitting for Maseed Productions to share our opinion on what we saw.

Keep in mind, that the concept of an “award show” for music is something that truly makes no sense in the first place seeing as though music is art and the appreciation for it is subjective to the person listening to it.  Trash to some is beautiful to others and while that may all be well and good, we will none the less speak on a few of highlights that we observed.

100316-shows-hha-noms-lyricist-kendrick-lamar-2First off, it was a pleasant surprise to see that Kendrick Lamar was acknowledged for being Lyricist of the Year; definitely a well deserved honor as he is arguably one of the greatest and most prolific lyricists of the current day.  Kendrick came dressed for the event no differently than he’d be had he been chillin’ with the homies on the block in Compton.  Gotta love that!

As commercialized as the whole event was, we won’t even go into every single category and will only mention the ones that we deemed important such as the Cyphers seeing as they were the only things that even closely resembled hip-hop in its purest form.  Honestly the Cyphers were really nothing to write home about this year.

beanie-siegalThe State Property Cypher brought out veteran MC Beanie Sigel.  He dropped a few dope bars on us and definitely rode the beat better than the other rappers did before him.  Staying on tempo and riding the beat seemed to be a consistent challenge for many of the rappers in the cyphers that night.  Definitely exposed those cats who typically feel more at home on a trap beat than they do on a true school hip-hop beat.  Seeing them cling on for dear life trying to belt out the last words or their overly wordy verses before their breath ran out was quite entertaining, lol.

3dnateeSome of the other Cyphers brought out female MC newcomers Young M.A. and 3D Na’tee who dropped heavy weight bars amongst their male counterparts.  (Honorable mention to 3D Na’tee for having bars but still keeping her style feminine).  She is a solid MC throughout brought up in the tradition of a Lauryn Hill, Bahamadia, and Rah Digga.  Don’t sleep on her.


youngmaNot to be counted out, Young M.A. repped the mic swell with her swag, lyrics and delivery that would give even the most masculine male MC a run for his money.  She has become quite the household name with her hit single “Ooouuu”.  If you were like me, you heard that song thinking you were listening to a young dude spit those verses before you realized that “he” was actually a “she”.


daveeastGotta give a nod to Dave East who definitely displayed what lyricism and true MC’ing is all about.  Maseed Productions had the pleasure of producing 11 of the 17 tracks on The Executive Suite album that was hosted by Hipnott Records and  Dave East was one of the artists featured on that project and it is amazing to see how far his career has come since then.  Props to you fam…keep it moving.


deadprezThe crowd was treated to a stellar performance by the legendary hip-hop duo Dead Prez who brought you the iconic song “It’s Bigger Than Hip-Hop”.  Most of us early 90’s cats were rockin’ out to their performance however, the vast majority of the crowd in attendance at the BET Hip-Hop Music Awards were staring at them like a deer in the head lights.  Go figure?


The rest of the night was a spectacle of bafoonery and mumble rap coming from the likes of Desiigner, Lil’ Uzi Vert, Lil’ Yachty, 21 Savage and a few others whom I’d rather not mention.

I would like to commend Sway, Big K.R.I.T, T.I. and the other brother that did the spoken word piece (couldn’t find his name to give him his props).  You all helped to remind us that black lives and all lives matter.  Your messages stood out strong even while being amongst other artists who don’t quite do their fair share of being a positive influence and voice of the hip-hop community.

I’m sure that I’ll be ridiculed, called a hater, and some other choice words for the views shared in this article but hey…I’ll take it!

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