You Bought Beats Online…Now What?

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What up artists, musicians, friends and fans?  Hope you are having a great 2017 so far.  Maseed Productions is thankful for each and every one of you that have done business with us or has shown support by viewing, listening to and sharing our content.

If you have yet to take advantage of some of the sales and discounts that we’ve offered in the past, fear not because we’re keeping the prices low in the first quarter of 2017 so that anyone’s budget can purchase the beats and services you need.

As you know, we’ve been posting tutorial and educational blogs and the popularity of them is increasing.  That tells us that you are benefiting from our knowledge and advice and there is nothing more motivational for us here at Maseed Productions than for us to see you all succeed in your music careers as a result of some of the tips that you may have picked up here at  That being said, we are coming back at you with a brand new blog topic called “What to Do Once I’ve Bought My Beats”?

I know the answer to that question might seem obvious to some, like…duh!  Once I buy my beat, I’m going to write my song and record to it.  Well what about after that, then what?

I had to step outside of my role as a producer and put myself in the shoes of the artists for a minute to really gain an understanding of the issue as to why some artists don’t buy beats even at a very affordable price.

As an artist, after you got your song recorded, mixed and mastered the only outlet for show casing your music doesn’t extend far beyond posting it up on Soundcloud, Youtube, or Bandcamp.  Sure, those are great social media tools but your reach is limited to the number of followers or subscribers that you have on your page and unless you have a large social media presence, your chances of getting your song heard by lots of people is small.

It’s much harder to build a fanbase these days because there aren’t many venues available to indie artists to perform at.  Even for the artists that are serious about getting into the game, many of them lack the knowledge of how to go about getting their music distributed to online retailers such as iTunes, Google Play, Spotify, Pandora, etc. So taking all that into account, where is the motivation to go out and actually spend money on a track?  I used to think that just having the opportunity to spit over a producer’s dope beat was enough motivation by itself but then it hit me…no it’s not.   At the very least, if I was going to go and spend money on a beat, I’d only do it if I knew that I could at least stand a chance at making some money with that song.

Being a former MC myself, I thought that makes perfect sense and I could totally see where the artist is coming from.  As an independent business owner, one of the constant challenges is “finding your market”.  I’m sure you’re probably thinking, “There are millions of artists out there in need of music services, that shouldn’t be a hard market to find”.  Yes and no, finding artists is not the issue, finding artists willing to spend money on music services is an entirely different story.

So what do you do when there is little to no market for the services that you provide?  YOU CREATE ONE.  If artists can get the opportunity to get their music distributed and make money, why wouldn’t they buy beats?  Most producers only sell beats and offer studio services but few actually offer artists a means in which to get a return on their investment.  Through a partnership with Above Reality Records, (CLICK HERE FOR DISTRIBUTION DETAILS) Maseed Productions is now able to offer artists a distribution option for an additional fee when you buy beats from us.  To get more info on distribution deals, email us at

As always, thanks for reading and we hope that you enjoyed and were able to benefit from this article.  Please like, share and comment.

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