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So you’re a new artist looking to build a fan base.  You are knee deep into the creation of your EP, mixtape or LP so now is the time to start considering the music video that will represent you and your new project.

Probably the most important thing to consider and perhaps the one thing that would potentially prevent most artists from making a video is “BUDGET”.  Video production can be very costly depending on how in-depth the video treatment is.  You have to account for paying actors, props, costumes/ clothing, video production company costs, location costs, equipment rental, food and drink, video editing, etc.  The cost to produce a quality video used to be outrageous and only those with a major label budget could afford them.

These days things have changed drastically due to advancements in technology that allows quality videos to be made using a decent hand held photo/video camera, a GoPro, or even a cellphone.

Use as many free resources as you can to get the job done. 

  • We all have friends and family and some of us are lucky enough to know some attractive women, use them to act in your video.
  • Know a buddy with a nice car? Ask him or her if they will let you feature it in your video.
  • Need nice clothes to wear in your video but, you can’t afford them? Hit up local clothing stores or businesses and see if they will sponsor you in exchange for you wearing their brand names in your video.
  • Need a nice location to shoot your video? Hit up a friend or local business that will let you use their space or house for a small fee, or maybe even some liquor, weed or both (if you got it like that).

This article is designed to provide new artists with a few pointers for making a quality video and once the video is done, how to properly market it using YouTube.

  1. Choose the mostMARKETABLE SONG” on the project and make a video for it. Notice I did not say, “Choose the best song on the project” and there is a reason for that.  Most likely, the best song on the project may actually be the song that features your best skills as a rapper or singer.  However, the best skills don’t always equate to mass appeal and popularity.  When it comes to the visual representation of you as an artist, it’s advisable that you go with a song that most people like, relate to, and are entertained by.  As crazy as it seems, your most popular song isn’t always going to be what you would consider to be your best song.
  2. Develop a good video treatment – If you want people to pay attention and be entertained by your song, you must design visuals that fit the theme and concept of your song. The video needs to be visually appealing, entertaining, interesting and relevant to what you are saying in the song.  Don’t make a video with you and 35 or your homeboys standing in a park looking hard when the song that you’re doing is about your undying love for your girlfriend, lol.  Remember, the video is the visual representation of what you are rapping or singing about, and while it’s perfectly fine to be abstract and artistic with your expression, it is very important that you find a way to make it all relevant to the song and insure that it makes sense.
  3. Hire a video director – There are many indie video directors out there who already have their own equipment, crews, and resources that offer everything in one package for very reasonable prices.  CLICK HERE TO FIND ONE NEAR YOU
  4. You can never go wrong with having attractive women in your music video – Let’s face it folks…sex sells. It always has and always will, if you have the ability to recruit the services of a few pretty ladies to be in your video, by all means do it!  Attractive females in your video, no matter what the subject matter is will be much quicker to keep the viewer’s attention in some cases even more than the song itself can.  Use that to your advantage.  (Nuff said on that, you get the idea).
  5. Video quality and editing – I can’t stress this enough; the quality at which you do things is going to directly be compared to you as an artist. Even though you can do a video on a budget, the idea is for it not to look like you did.  Always make sure that your visual and the audio of the video is top notch.  Do not compromise in this area even if it means spending a little more money to get the job done right.  Remember, simplicity is a virtue and you’d be amazed at how effective a simple video can be with the right song if you use the right elements to tell the story.
  6. Create a YouTube Channel, (if you don’t already have one) – This is where fans can go to not only see your music video but also to see any other content you may have to offer. Remember fans are not only interested in your music, they are interested in you so frequently post up content on your YouTube channel so that your fans will keep tuning in and your subscriber count will keep rising.
  7. Upload your video to YouTube – Once you’ve completed your video, upload it to Youtube. Be sure to properly tag the song with keywords that will bring attention to it, (i.e. #migostypesong #sexy #trapmusic #lovesong).
  8. Choose the option to monetize your video on YouTube – YouTube will pay you every time your video goes over a certain number of views…why not take advantage of it?
  9. Pay to advertise your video on Youtube CLICK HERE TO GET STARTED
  10. Create a website – If you want to be taken seriously, you must do serious things that only professionals do. Having a website gives you a presence on the internet where your fans and customers can go to learn all about you, your music and your products.  Post your new video on your website so that fans can see it there as opposed to going directly to YouTube to find it.
  11. Create a social media presence (if you haven’t already done so) – Promote your video on your pages and encourage others to do the same on their social media profiles. This is how you go about creating a buzz.

We hope that you can apply these tips and become a successful artist.  Sure it seems simple but it takes a lot of hard work, diligence, perseverance and discipline to reach certain levels of success in this industry.  This isn’t for everyone but for those of you that feel you got what it takes; www.maseedproductions.com is here for you and can help you achieve your dream of becoming a musician.  If you like this article please like, share, and comment on social media.

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