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Australian R&B Sensation Annie Medling Collabs with Maseed Productions on the “So High” Remix

Wussup families?  Maseed Productions is coming at you with new music and a new outlook.  When you can team up with artists from around the globe, it shows you that the power of the internet and social media is real.  Allow me to share the story with you on how Maseed Productions came to end up producing the remix of the smash single from Australian R&B sensation Annie Medling.

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Hey, what’s up good people?  After a long awaited stint of not posting any new beats, Maseed is coming back at cha’ with a new one called “Falling”.   Read More »


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“THE LOST TAPES COLLECTION” – Now Available in the Beat Store

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Be the first to take advantage of this find from the Maseed Productions archive. “The Lost Tapes Collection” has been made available for the first time ever to the public at a promotional discounted rate. All beats in the collection are starting at just $4.99 each. A true early 90s era, boom bap classic that will leave critics and skeptics craving for more.


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Maseed Productions is proud to announce our first new beat release for 2016. Read More »