Maseed Productions can make you a custom tailored beat designed specifically for you.  Simply fill out the form below to get started.

After we have received your request, you will be contacted to discuss further details and payment options.  Maseed Productions will produce a rough draft of the custom beat and send a snippet of it to your specified email address.  After you have approved the beat, we will complete it and send you a fully mixed and mastered version of the beat in a 2 track stereo .mp3 and .wav file.

After you have submitted the form, return here and click on one of the buttons below to make your purchase.

$750 USD (EXCLUSIVE LEASE) includes an EXCLUSIVE beat license  

$350 USD (NON-EXCLUSIVE LEASE) includes an UNLIMITED beat license

***Maseed Productions retains all ownership of the beat and it will be placed in the beat store for others to lease or purchase unless you choose to purchase exclusive rights.