As an independent production company, our job is to create high quality beats that are not only creative, original, trend setting, artistic and highly marketable, they also have to be sonically superior and pleasing to the ear.  With that job, comes the challenge of dealing with an over saturated market consisting of thousands of producers offering millions upon millions of beats.

With the advent of third party beat merchant on-line music stores; the game became even more challenging in that producers could now offer affordable beat lease licensing options to their customers which created the opportunity for them to utilize beats that would typically be unaffordable and unattainable for their albums, mixtapes and TV/film projects.  The idea really took off and artists at one point were leasing beats just as fast as producers could create them.  After a while, the beat leasing gold rush began to taper off and producers were no longer seeing as many sells as they used to despite vigorous efforts to market and promote their brands.  While beat leasing is a great option for novice, independent artists looking to get their voices heard by an audience for the first time; serious, well established artists are looking for exclusive material.

THE PROBLEM WITH BEAT LEASING is that the same song that you lease can be leased over and over again by an unlimited number of customers.  So while your hot 16 may sound dope on this fire beat, a 100 other artist who also leased that beat are thinking the same thing.  You release your “new single”, they release theirs and next thing you know, you have several artists doing different songs over the same beat.  It’s like 2 girls showing up to the prom with the same dress on…(you get the idea).

In music, style and originality is everything and as an artist, if you want to be taken seriously you simply can’t afford to show up to the prom in the same dress as the next girl.  With that being said, we have created a new program called the “EBBC” aka Exclusive Beat Buyers Club which offers customers the ability to make flexible schedule payments in order to purchase the exclusive rights to beats.



  1. Pick the beats that you wish to purchase directly from the Maseed Productions Beat Store.
  2. Click on the PURCHASE NOW button and you will be taken to Paypal to complete your transaction.
  3. The initial payment for all beats is $50 dollars USD; you will then be billed monthly in $50 dollar increments until the beat is paid for in full. (You may select as many beats as you like and the monthly payment will still be in $50 dollar increments until your balance is paid in full).
  4. Once the first payment is received you will receive a tagged MP3 version of the beats you purchased sent directly to your email address.  (Please note: The beats will still be available for lease in the beat store until they are paid off in full.  You may pay your balance in full at anytime, simply email us at sales@maseedproductions.com to make arrangements).
  5. Once the beat is paid for, it will no longer be available for purchase or lease and it will be marked as sold in the beat store.



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