Does Maseed Productions Record Bands

Maseed Productions studio is ideal for vocal recording due to the size and availability of space in the studio.  However, we are equipped to record anyone or anything.  A band can be recorded although not all at the same time.  Please contact us direct to discuss making the necessary accommodations.

What If I Need To Cancel My Studio Session?

We understand that things happen and all we ask is that you notify us in advance so that we can free up your time slot for someone else.

Does Maseed Productions Do Graphic Art Design for CD/Mixtape Covers?

Unfortunately, no.  We choose to stick with what we know and that’s music.  A quick Google search should point you in the right direction if you need those types of services though.

Can Maseed Productions Make Me a Custom Beat?

Absolutely, just CLICK HERE to get started.

Does Maseed Productions Build Websites

Unfortunately, no.  We prefer to do what we are good at and that’s music.

Can I Pay For Services Individually?

Yes, if your song has already been recorded else where and just needs to be mixed or if your song is already mixed and just needs to be mastered, Maseed Productions can handle that for you.

Does Maseed Productions Charge Hourly For Studio Time?

No!  Maseed Productions charges a flat rate per song that includes mixing and mastering on all of our package deals.

Why Buy Beats From Maseed Productions?

Of course there are thousands of producers out there that you can buy beats from. Sure a small percentage of those producers actually make dope beats but when it comes to your project you should go with the quality sound and reputation that it deserves. Maseed Productions has spent years on perfecting our sound and building our reputation so don’t just buy a dope beat, buy a dope beat with a name and reputation behind it. Maseed Productions has song placements with well known artists in the music, radio, TV and film industry. If you are an artist, you should already know that the reputation behind your music is as important as the music itself. Don’t short change yourself by going with producers that lack the reputation needed to get your material noticed. Maseed Productions will take your project from start to finish and give you the quality and competitive sound that will have record execs taking a second look at you!

How Does On-Line Mixing/Mastering Work?

Through advancements in technology, it is now possible to share large files with just about anyone via the internet. Instead of having to physically be present in the studio to have your song mixed or mastered, simply send us a link to your fileshare containing all of the stem tracks. Once we receive the files, we will begin working and provide you with reference mixes to your song. Turn around time is usually within 72 hours. CLICK HERE to take advantage of our on-line mixing and mastering services.

What If I Already Have My Own Beats, Will You Still Mix My Song?

Whether you purchase one of our beats or use your own, Maseed Productions will still mix, master, record, or re-produce your song to your satisfaction. Go to Contact US and one of our representatives will be more than happy to discuss the details of your project with you.

How Do I Get Featured On The Artists Spotlight

If you’d like to be featured on the Artists Spotlight, simply go to the ARTIST SPOTLIGHT page, fill out the form, upload your pic and that’s it. Once we receive your submission, we will review it and if approved we will add your submission to the Artists Spotlight. You will receive an email notification letting you know that you have been added after which, we ask that you promote your feature on all of your social media sites.

What Does It Mean To Purchase Exclusive Rights To A Beat?

When you purchase the exclusive rights to one of our beats, that means that you now own the beat outright. The beat will remain in our store but it will no longer be licensed out or be available to purchase. You may use the beat none exclusively for whatever purposes you desire. The only clause is, Maseed Productions must be named as the producer of the beat (i.e. Produced by: Maseed Productions) and we must be included in the split sheets for royalty distribution. The royalty distribution will be agreed upon on contract and will go through our publishing company (Publicity Stunt Publishing ASCAP).

How To Purchase Beats From The Beat Store?

Step 1: 


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How To Get A Free Beat From Maseed Productions?

You can get free beats on maseedproductions.com , (drum roll please)….BY SUBSCRIBING TO OUR YOUTUBE CHANNEL