Recording packages may be purchased in any increment that suits your needs. 

For example:  If you wanted to record 6 songs, you’d simply add the 5 song recording package + the 1 song recording package.  If you wanted a total of 7 songs, you’d add the 5 song recording package + the 2 song recording package.

If you plan to record 2 or more songs, then your sessions can be broken up.  You can discuss that with the engineer upon your arrival.

Absolutely!  Just keep in mind that the studio time price for the RSN is higher than Maseed Productions’ Studio prices.  You have to ask yourself whether you want the convenience of a local studio or the savings  of traveling a little further out to get to us?

Please submit your stem tracks in .WAV or .AIFF format.  Please do not submit .MP3 files as this format is a compressed file and we will not be able to guarantee the best sound quality.

Absolutely!  So long as you have the individual master stem tracks of each voice, sound, and instrument available, we can mix it.

Yes.  The price is $30 per song for mastering if your songs are already mixed and you only need mastering.

While projects vary depending on size, complexity and details requested by the customer, the turn around time to complete a song is about 5 to 7 days from the time we receive it.  These times may be more or less depending on our current workload.  If you have time limitations, please discuss that with the engineer prior to the start of the project and we will do our best to accomodate you.

Additional recording time may be purchased for $30 per hour.

If you need to cancel your session for any reason, please call us at 714-512-2496 us know at least 24 hours in advance.  If you’ve pre-purchased your studio time via our website, we will re-schedule your session.  Please be advised:  WE DO NOT ISSUE REFUNDS SHOULD YOU WISH TO COMPLETELY CANCEL YOUR SESSION.

If you have purchased a custom beat or an exclusive beat then yes, we will arrange the beat to fit your song.  Sorry but, we do not do custom arrangements on leased beats.

Maseed Productions offers several lease options for our beats, we retain ownership of our beats which allows us to offer them you at an affordable price.  If you do wish to purchase exclusive rights to our beats then yes, you would own it.

Review our leasing and purchasing price table by clicking here.

Custom beats require a 50% deposit upfront.  We use the information that you submit in the custom beat form to insure that we produce exactly the type of beat you want.  We will send you a sample of what we come up for you to approve before we complete the entire song.  Doing this prevents you from ending up with a song that you don’t like.  However, in the event that we just can’t hit the nail on the head, we will not charge you the balance of the price of the song.  The 50% deposit is non-refundable and simply covers the time that we put in to make your custom song. 

Maseed Productions would be happy to collaborate with other producers/musicians on a beat.  Please contact our producer to discuss the details of the collaboration.

The short answer is no.  Although this is a service that the client would have to pay for, we still must qualify the artists.  Just like a record label will only sign the best talent they can find, we will only submit the best talent through our distribution channels.  Simply because you have the money and have done business with us by buying beats or other studio services with us does not necessarily qualify you.