Maseed Productions has been off the radar for a few months because there has been lots of dust being kicked up around here!  First of all, we are now fully moved into our new location in Lake Elsinore, Ca.  The studio has undergone a major cosmetic overhaul and we are almost complete with the build (click here to see how things are looking so far). I know many of you have been itching to get up in the studio to record and I’m happy to announce that we should be up and running completely around the beginning of 2018.  The new location features a larger studio space as well as a large recording booth.  Maseed Productions can now accommodate the recording of not only vocalist but, complete bands as well. We are in the process of significantly enhancing the acoustics of our control room with the installation of 4’/2′ acoustic panels on all walls, and the ceiling as well as bass traps in the corners.  We’ve upgraded our monitor for your viewing pleasure to a 50″ flat screen and we will also have 2 way visual communication by way of a new camera system that will be installed in the booth.  We wanted to create a vibe that inspires creativity so we went with a colorful red and gray motif for the wall color and will be installing accent lights throughout the control room and booth to further enhance your overall recording experience. To show you how much we appreciate your patience, all those who leave their email address in the subscription area of our home page will receive a 20% off discount for any studio service or beat purchase.

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