Your song isn’t finished once the recording is done, the next step is mixing. Mixing is the process where each one of your stem tracks is cleaned up, compressed; EQ’d, and processed with effects. The mixing process is a science that takes most people many years to fully master. It takes more than a good ear, it takes knowledge of how sound works and how to use the tools necessary to make the voices and instruments in your track sound pleasing to the ear and to render correctly across a wide variety of audio equipment used by audiophiles and consumers. 

Maseed Productions audio engineer/ producer Tony C. has over 25 years of experience in music production, and mixing. We work with clients of all genres and specialize in the area of hip-hop and urban music. Sure there are other well-seasoned recording engineers out there but many of them simply don’t have the ear for capturing the true sound of hip-hop and urban music. In this industry, you only get one chance to make a lasting impression, so don’t get caught off guard by leaving your music in the hands of engineers not skilled in your particular genre of music. Maseed Productions will deliver the experience and the quality you need to capture and present your best recorded performances to the world.

We offer several mix services to fit the needs of just about any client. Click on the product(s) below to get started.


55 /
  • Customer provides stems
  • .wav and .mp3 masters
  • Up to 20 stem tracks
  • Online mixing + mastering


65 /
  • Customer provides stems
  • Vocal mix over 2 track stereo inst.
  • Up to 10 stem tracks
  • Online mixing + mastering


100 /
  • Customer provides stems
  • .wav and .mp3 masters
  • Up to 30 stem tracks
  • Online mixing + mastering


  • Voice over Recording
  • Vocal/ Instrumental Recording
  • Audio Book Recording
  • TV/Film Sync Recording
  • Spoken Word Recording


$30/per song
  • Mastering EQ
  • Mastering Compression
  • Volume Maximization
  • Leveling
  • .wav and .mp3 Master Files