In Person vs. Online Engagement with Customers and Fans

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Hey families, here we are coming back at you with another artist/producer tip.  In this article we will discuss the all important topic of customer/fan engagement in person versus online.

For any artists, producer, entertainer, etc., the most important part of what we do besides making the music itself involves engaging customers and fans.  If you are at the point in your musical career where you are actually trying to make a living from your music then knowing the best way to build up your fan base and convert them into paying customers should be your top priority.  While there are virtually an unlimited number of ways you can go about building a fanbase, this article will focus particularly on the pros and cons of in person and online customer and fan engagement.

The power of the internet is undeniable and as technology has evolved, it has become more and more easy to communicate to large amounts of people.  Social media has not only made it so that we can communicate with friends, family, co-workers, and other people we know directly but we can also communicate with people whom we don’t know but share common interests with.  We now have the ability to share multi-media files and we can even live stream video.  The convenience of being able to do all of this from virtually anywhere and reach almost anyone we choose is invaluable, especially to those who are in the entertainment industry.

Back in the late 90’s and early 2000’s pre-Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and SnapChat, most of us were on Myspace.  It was great because there were really no caps or restrictions on what type of content you could release and who could see it.  It proved to be a very effective way to promote your music to a multitude of fans from all around the world whom would’ve never known who you were otherwise.  As time went on, new social media platforms started popping up allowing for even more social reach.  However, the more popular the concept of social media and online communications became, the more problems came along with it like spam, unsolicited content, and an over saturation of artists, producers, and entertainers clogging the timelines of social media users.  If you’re reading this now, nothing I’ve said thus far should sound new to you.  Even with the problems of social media and online communication, it is still a highly effective and important means of promotion and cannot be ignored.  That being said, too much of anything good can eventually become bad if not used properly.

Now that we’ve discussed a little of the history behind social media and have acknowledged the benefits of using it, let’s look at why marketing and promoting your brand solely online can hinder your customer/fan building progress.

Online, you’re not a big fish in a small pond, you’re more like a little fish in an ocean.  Unless you have a major budget behind the campaign you are promoting, it will be very difficult to gain any substantial notoriety accept in the rare causes where you are unusually talented, attractive, unique, or very well connected.  For all of us that might not fit into that category, all hope is not lost and that brings us to the next topic of discussion…IN PERSON ENGAGEMENT.

The one area where online and social media lack is that “in person” interaction that you only get from being there, live in the flesh with another person or group of people.  Currently there is no true replacement for “the real thing”.  Meeting and being able to discuss your interests, ideals, or share your talents and products with people face to face is important beyond measure.  Face to face engagement with people is where true relationships are formed and when you become good at it, you may find yourself being able to take advantage of lucrative opportunities as a result.  When you can stand there and look a person square in the eye and convey an idea, perform a song, answer a question, etc with confidence and expertise that does something to the person you are engaging.  It lets that person know that you are a subject matter expert, that your talent resonates with them, there is a sense of trust and comfort, there’s just a connection there that you simply can’t get via online interaction.

This form of interaction is by far the most effective but let’s face it…we can’t all be everywhere at the same time, in front of everyone’s faces and that is where online and social media interaction takes the lead.

So we have a major deficiency from both, lack of personal, live interaction with social media, and the lack of mass communication ability with in person interaction.  On to the good stuff!

To have a successful promotion campaign of any kind, you have to be able to leverage the two forms of interactions with people.  As a musician, artists, producer, or entertainer you have to be in front of people on and offline.  You must put forth more effort to engage people offline.  That means going to events, concerts, shows, exhibitions, seminars, discussion panels and anywhere your potential customers/fans may be.  Engage them in person and invite them to your online presence.  In other words, you gotta go offline to get your fans and customers to go online.

Maseed Productions has gained customers and fans from both online and in person interaction but hands down, the in person interaction led to customer conversions, and created loyal customers who do repeat business with us faster than the online interaction.  Why is that you ask?  It’s because after meeting in person our customers feel a direct connection with Maseed Productions, they trust in our expertise and they love the professional approach and attention we give to their projects.    We build relationships with our customers, it doesn’t just stop after their projects are finished.  We follow up to see how they are doing and if they need anything else.  We offer them assistance, advice and experience so when they buy a track from us or get studio time, they are not just paying for that, they are paying for the experience.  The experience you create with your customers and fans is what will keep them coming back for more.  Online, it’s much more challenging to give them that same hands on experience but then again, if you’re an artist your art should speak for itself and hopefully reach people that like it.

So remember this fellow artists:  Never forget to get out and shake hands with the people, do the diligence and attend shows and functions, perform whenever you can, talk to people and exchange information with them, share your knowledge and your time with them and trust me, if they like what you’re doing, you will create a fan or customer for life.  Keep up your online presence and even though it may feel as if your communications are falling on deaf ears, never stop.  Keep your content fresh, current, and interesting and before long people will notice.  Encourage the customers and fans you’ve met in person to engage with you online so that they become familiar and feel secure conducting transactions with you online.

As always, we do hope that you benefited from this article and invite you to like, share, and comment.  Thanks for reading.

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