What up good people?  Hope everyone had a great Labor Day 2016.  In today’s producer blog series, we will address the topic of sound quality.  This is not a tutorial on how to improve your sound (we’ll address that in future producer blogs); instead we’ll focus on the importance of sound quality when it comes to mixing your beats and how that impacts fans and buyers of your music.

I’m sure many of you have listened to the radio or gone to a club or concert and heard a song that you didn’t really like and even though it wasn’t your cup of tea, you couldn’t help but to say to yourself…”damn, that @#$! knocks!”  Same thing in contrast, how many times have you heard a song where from a music composition stand point you thought it was amazing but because it lacked a quality mix, you didn’t feel it as much as you would’ve liked to?

There is a reason for this:  People tend to associate the quality of a song with how good it sounds.  A great sounding loud mix is usually perceived as quality to most listeners.  We can skip all the technical mumbo jumbo and opinions here, this is just the way it is in most cases with very little exceptions to the rule.

Ever notice how some of the simplest songs (as far as technical composition, musicianship, and talent) end up becoming big hits? 

Music is psychological and simple songs with a great sounding beat tend to be easier to process and digest by most listeners.  By no means am I suggesting to you producers to “dumb down” your production and start making simple sounding beats, I am simply stressing that whatever type of beats you make, always be sure to deliver the best sounding and loudest mix possible.  If you’re an incredible musician/producer and you put an extreme amount of technical composition into your beats, don’t sell them short by delivering an inferior sounding mix.

If a great sounding bad beat can be perceived as better than a bad sounding great beat, imagine how a great sounding, great beat would be perceived?  Strive for greatness in your production and press the envelope of overall quality then watch your fan/customer base increase.

As always, thank you for reading and if you found this topic beneficial, please like, share and comment.