The Studio Vibe…Does Your Studio Atmosphere Inspire Creation?

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One of the best things about being a recording artist is that moment when you finally get to drop your song in the studio.  Something about getting on the mic, putting on those headphones and having the engineer press record just does something to you that can be on the same level as being high or having sex.   Back in the day, studios were not typically in people’s homes or in bedrooms, the studio was in a commercial office space or building and had thousands of dollars worth of gear in it.  It was dark, well insulated for sound and had a certain mystique about it.  The studio inspired creation and as an artists, you knew that you had to come with your best performance.  Fast forward to now, where studio equipment prices have gone down significantly and instead of true recording studios, people are now converting bedrooms in their homes into recording studios, needless to say, much of that mystique and excitement of being in a studio is no longer there because of this trend.

Most artists picture something like this image below when they think of going to record at a studio:


In actuality it would cost a lot of money to create an atmosphere such as this and honestly, most of today’s aspiring artists couldn’t afford to record at a place like this anyway.

A closer example of the type of studios many of today’s young rappers and singers usually record at may look something like this:

It’s not necessarily a bad thing if you have a bedroom studio because you can still create an atmosphere that inspires creation for you and the artists you work with.  Below are a few examples of “not so big” home recording studios that were nicely put together and still manage to preserve some of that “big studio” feel:



Atmosphere plays a huge part in the creative process and can inspire mood, energy, and emotion in the music that you do.  Even if you don’t have a huge budget to work with, throw up some lighting, add some color to the walls, put some inspirational pictures up of some of your favorite artists, clean up the place and watch how your creativity opens up.

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