After an exhausting search on the internet for hot new beats, you’ve finally selected the ones you want to use.  What you do next can make or break your project if you’re not careful.  So, today we’ll be discussing the TOP 10 THINGS THAT WILL KILL YOUR PROJECT.

  1. PROCRASTINATION: This is the killer of dreams, progression and all good things in life. For those of you that have been living under a rock and don’t know what this means, in a nutshell it is the act of putting something off that could’ve been done now for a later or undefined period of time.  Is this you?  “I have the money to buy that beat, book the studio time to record it and everything but I’ll do it in 2 weeks when I get paid again”.  Don’t get me wrong, I understand that life happens and sometime unforeseen expenses happen, or something more important comes up that needs our immediate attention but, when these factors don’t exist and you still put off working on your project for a future time, you really have to question why?  In most cases, those who procrastinate never actually end up completing their initial tasks that they set out to do.  If you take your music serious, you will get things done ASAP.  You must understand that new music is being released daily and in this industry, timing is everything.  Don’t miss out on an opportunity because you failed to strike while the iron was hot.


  1. SITTING ON YOUR BEATS FOR TOO LONG: Is this you?  “I purchase beats that I like but then I sit on them forever.  It takes me a long time to write songs and even longer to release them.   Since I’ve sat on them for so long, I usually end up not feeling them anymore because they have gotten old to me”.  Not only is this counterproductive, it’s also a complete waste of beats and money.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that you have to rush your projects; I’m suggesting that you take a more sensible approach to them.  Have the budget, studio bookings, collaborative artists who will be on the project with you, etc lined up before you actually purchase the beat.  That way once you purchase it, you can get right down to business and actually finish the song.  Projects tend to lose steam very fast when there is no proper planning involved.


  1. LACK OF FOCUS: Focus is a key aspect when embarking upon a new project and without it, distractions can easily side track you from ever making true progress.  Is this you?  “I want to put out an album but before that I want to drop a mixtape to warm up the audience.  Then, I want to drop an EP as a teaser and after that I want to drop a single to introduce the next 5 mixtapes that I plan to do”.  When you do this, it’s a set up for failure because instead on focusing on one project at a time, your mind is thinking about the overall goal or releasing a large amount of random music.  A project should tell your story from start to finish but if you skip chapters or tell that story out of order, you will confuse and eventually lose your fans.  Not to discourage you from dropping as much music as possible but, take it one project at a time and don’t start work on something else until the current one is complete.


  1. LACK OF CREATIVITY/ORIGINALITY: A release without creativity and originality is like a rainbow without color.  After all, if you’re an artist, your job relies on your ability to be creative.  .  Is this you?  “I’m going to go on YouTube and find me some Drake, Lil Uzi, and Future type beats for my new album”.    People want to hear something new and fresh, they don’t want to hear you come with a new version of a pre-existing established artist, they want to hear YOU!  Take your time and develop your own distinctive sound and style.  People will either love it or hate it but either way you’ll be known for who you are and not for who you tried to copy.


  1. NO LEADERSHIP: Think of your project like a company.  Within every company, you have managers that oversee the operations of the company to insure that everything is running smooth.  When putting together a project, sometimes there are many different entities involved.  You have the artist(s) or group.  Maybe you have a band, then there’s the producer, the engineer, and maybe even a record label staff.  If there is no one in place to oversee the overall operations, your project will end up in a state of chaos and nothing will get done.  Depending on the scope of your project either you or someone you delegate will need to step up and be the leader to keep everyone and everything on track.


  1. NO BUDGET: It almost goes without saying but, with no budget your project will pretty much be dead in the water before it even gets started.  Now this doesn’t mean that you need a huge budget to get a project off the ground but the more financial resources you have, the more you can do and the greater your reach.  Plan ahead and do what you need to do to raise the funds necessary to release your project.  Don’t let a small budget limit you, get creative and tap into all of the most effective, free resources that you can.  Call in favors, barter and exchange services.


  1. LACK OF KNOWLEDGE: Is this you?  “I want to release a project but I don’t know how to put it out”.  We live in a world of information that is readily available via the internet.  Ignorance is no excuse to not deliver.  Google and Youtube are your best friends when it comes to acquiring information about anything.  Don’t waste time, money and resource on dropping a project when you have absolutely no idea how to do so.   Don’t be afraid to ask questions to those who may be more knowledgeable than you are.  The only dumb question is the one that doesn’t get asked.


  1. LAZINESS: You already know what the word means, so I won’t explain it.  Instead I will tell you this.  In the beginning stages of a project, everyone involved is hyped and full of excitement and enthusiasm about doing it.  The ideas and creative juices are flowing, everyone is onboard and willing to commit to doing their part and all of a sudden, reality kicks in and people start realizing that getting this project off the ground is easier said than done.  People start becoming less enthused, lazy and the project loses steam.  Laziness is the killer of all things productive.  Keep yourself enthused and excited about your project, your team will see it in you and it will transfer to them.


  1. OUTSIDE INFLUENCES: The worst thing you can do is allow outside influences deter you off your path.  You must understand that there will be naysayers, and people who are jealous and envious of what you are doing.  If these people are not financing or directly involved with your project then they have no say and should not be involved in the moves you make.  The only person you really have to prove something to at the end of the day, is yourself and your team.


  1. FORGETTING TO HAVE FUN: Last on the list but, certainly not least.  Don’t forget to have fun in the process.  Sure it’s a lot of hard work and determination involved with getting a project going.  It can be highly frustrating when things don’t go as planned or when the resources you need are not there.  Pleasing people is not an easy thing to do and you can’t allow yourself to get caught up in trying to do so.  Focus on the reason why you do music in the first place.  Remind yourself that music is your passion.  Remove making money from the equation and get back to that place of fun and joy that music brings to you.  I can tell you first hand that if money is your driving force for wanting to be an artist then you’re already fighting a losing battle.  There are no guarantees of money when it comes to making music.  You may actually put in much more than you get back from your investment but if you had fun doing it, then it was all worth it.


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