Track Outs, What Are They and Why Do I Need Them?

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If you are an artist that has either purchased a beat lease or is considering it, then most likely under the pricing table for the leases you’ve seen the term “Track Outs”.  To those of you that have no idea of what a track out is I will explain it.

When a beat is produced, each sound contained in that beat exists on an individual audio track.  For example: The kic will be on track 1, the snare on track 2, the hi hats will be on track 3 and so on.  When a producer tracks out the session that means that each sound in that beat will be bounced down to its own individual audio file so that the “stems/tracks/wav files/etc” can be imported into the DAW (digital audio workstation aka Cubase, Protools, Logic, Studio One, etc) at a studio of your choosing.

Having the track outs gives the recording engineer total control over each sound in the mix.  The engineer can add their own EQ/compression/effects and craft their own version of the mix.  In cases where an artist wants to record at a high end studio that may have access to high quality gear that was unavailable to the producer who originally made the beat, having the track outs will enable the audio engineer to turn out a mix that is potentially superior in sound quality from that of the original 2 track MP3 or Wav file that was mixed by the original producer.  In other situations, an artist may simply have a preferred audio engineer that they use to mix all of their music because they like the sound of their mixes, having the track outs gives the artist and the engineer the luxury and freedom to add their own creativity and sound to the original producer’s beat.

Another advantage of having the track outs is that it gives you the opportunity to re-arrange the song structure of the beat to your liking.  For example: Your song could have two 20 bar verses and three 16 bar hooks.  By having the track outs, your engineer can re-arrange the beat so that the verses and hooks line up perfectly with the verse that you wrote.  Ever wish the drums would drop out during a certain part in your verse so that what you’re saying at that time could stand out?  Having the track outs would allow your engineer to individually mute any of the individual sounds in the beat, anywhere in the song that you like.

So now that you know what track outs are, it becomes easier for you to see the advantage of purchasing a track out lease.  Yes, they do cost a little more than a standard lease but the value you’re getting by having an increased distribution limit and all the other advantages that we discussed previously make it well worth the investment.

Producers, if you like another producer’s beat because of the sounds that they are using, you could purchase the track outs to that beat and guess what?  Now you have access to those same sounds in which you can import them into Maschine, FL Studio, your MPC, ASR-10, SP-1200, etc and create your very own original beat from them.  You’re spending money on costly VSTs, sound kits, expansion packs, and refills that may or may not even have the sounds you need, when you could just buy a track out lease and have access to the exact sounds that you want to use.

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