The brand new project from Trillz On Top, “On Top Life EP” is dropping this Labor Day weekend 9.1.18 on all digital platforms along with the brand new music video, “Lose That Vibe”.  Be sure to tune in and cop the album and watch the video, share it with a friend so we can make this thing go viral.

In other new, Trillz will be performing live at the Observatory in Santa Ana, California.  Dates, show times and ticket details will be listed in the shows section soon.  


Word is spreading about Trillz On Top and the folks over at (music industry and cannabis lifestyle blog) have taken notice.  Check out the write up they did on the new Maserati Music video:


Trillz On Top is back at it again, this time with a brand new style, a brand new look and his foot on the gas with the release of his brand new single and music video, “Maserati Music”. 

Maseed Productions laced up this hard hitting, synth driven, 808 bass heavy track for Trillz On Top and in true Maserati fashion, he got on it and rode that thing like he was driving 120 mph on the Autobahn.  The song is a high energy adrenaline rush that will leave your heart pumping out of your chest.  

The video was shot at the residence of Bridgegate Pictures president, Guy Griffithe in the beautiful city of Laguna Nigel.  Guy brought out an impressive line up of vehicles from his personal collection to feature in the video including his Ferrari, Porsche Panamera, and fully loaded blacked out Escalade.  The video and the song dropped on all platforms, Tuesday July 31th 2018 @ midnight PST.  Be sure to tune in, like, share and comment.

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Stay tuned, dates and show times will be announced soon.

Trillz, a.k.a Chase Haitbrink was born in August 4th, 2003 in the city of Fullerton, California.  His mother is a school teacher and his father is the owner of a successful construction business in Corona, California in which Trillz is also an employee of when he is not in school.

Although young, Trillz has demonstrated a natural ability for being multi-talented.  He started off with the guitar and after taking lessons for quite some time, developed into a highly skilled guitar player.  From there he went on to teach himself the art of DJing which lead to his seamless progression into becoming a rapper/MC. Trillz accomplished all these things by the time he was in the 7th grade.  He quickly became the talk of the school once he gained notoriety for being a battle rapper.  It wouldn’t be until his freshman year in high school that the decision would be made to pursue a career as a rap artist. 

With the support of his parents, the efforts to find a producer and a studio finally paid off when he came across Maseed Productions after doing a Google search for local recording studios.  Once he booked a session, it became very apparent that there was a definite musical chemistry amongst himself and Maseed Productions producer/engineer, Tony C.  In June of 2018, the two went on to record and release the first video and single entitled “Gang Gang Out da’ Window” off of the forth coming “On Top Life EP”.  The entire project was produced, recorded, mixed and master by Maseed Productions and it was at that point when the “Trillz sound” truly manifested itself.  In a matter of months, the single, “Gang Gang Out da’ Window” managed to catch the attention of one the largest and most recognized DJ Pools in the country, (Fleet DJs) .  This lead to the song being accepted into the Fleet DJs record pool and also garnered him a feature on a forth coming release produced by one of the Fleet DJs own, DJ Kyng Ray of Baltimore, Maryland.

With musical influences ranging from Eminem, to Jack Johnson and Busta Rhymes, Trillz developed an affinity for using intricate cadences and wordplay throughout his verses.  His delivery and song concepts are raw, street, cutting edge, and in your face.  There is no question that the maturity of his music far exceeds his years which is what makes Trillz an industry force to be reckoned with.  No doubt, you’d never expect music like this to come from a clean cut, well raised kid from the suburbs and it is this that makes his fans respond to his music with so much enthusiasm.  He uses his youth like a weapon in that he speaks the language of his target demographic while at the same time being able to captivate audiences of people much older than him.

Even with all the attention around him, Trillz remains humble and focused as he is destined to leave his mark on the rap world for years to come.

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On Top Life EP

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Maserati Music

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Gang Gang Out da' Window

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