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Produced by: Maseed Productions

Written by: Chase Haitbrink (Trillz)

Distributed by: Above Reality Music Group/ Universal Music Group

Copyright 2018 Publicity Stunt Publishing ASCAP, All Rights Reserved

The brand new single from Trillz, “Gang Gang Out da’ Window” is out now on all digital music platforms.  Check out the brand new video that was just released right here on this page.  We invite you all to purchase, stream, like, share, comment and follow the music of Trillz on all social media platforms.

Based off of a short 15 second preview advertisement of the song on Instagram, it’s already garnered thousands of views and is receiving massive response and reactions amongst fans and critics due to it’s aggressive lyrical content. 

As many of you may or may not already know, Trillz is young 14 white kid that comes from a good home with a good upbringing.  On appearance alone, he doesn’t strike you as the type of person involved in gangs, violence or drugs and that assumption would be correct, he’s not. 

So why all the references to these things in his song, you ask?  The answer is simple, to entertain.  In order to make an impact in this already highly saturated music industry, an artist must have an appeal and be shocking.  A good artist is going to dive in head first and embrace the topics and issues that resonate with their fans regardless if it makes some people feel uncomfortable.  Trillz’ music does exactly that. 

“Gang Gang Out da’ Window” is the first installment off the forthcoming EP entitled, “On Top Life” which is slated to be released later this summer 2018.  The On Top Life EP features production by the industry recognized producer, Tony C. of Maseed Productions.  Each song tells a story that is related to a large demographic of people both young and old, male and female. Its sound is massive and sonically superior.  After listening, you’ll be blown away by the intricate flows, catchy choruses and dope beats coming from this young prodigy who is small in stature but big in presence.

Stay tuned, dates and show times will be announced soon.

Trillz, a.k.a Chase Haitbrink was born in August 4th, 2003 in the city of Fullerton, California.  His mother is a school teacher and his father is the owner of a successful construction business in Corona, California in which Trillz is also an employee of when he is not in school.

Although young, Trillz has demonstrated a natural ability for being multi-talented.  He started off with the guitar and after taking lessons for quite some time, developed into a highly skilled guitar player.  From there he went on to teach himself the art of DJing which lead to his seamless progression into becoming a rapper/MC. Trillz accomplished all these things by the time he was in the 7th grade.  He quickly became the talk of the school once he gained notoriety for being a battle rapper.  It wouldn’t be until his freshman year in high school that the decision would be made to pursue a career as a rap artist. 

With the support of his parents, the efforts to find a producer and a studio finally paid off when he came across Maseed Productions after doing a Google search for local recording studios.  Once he booked a session, it became very apparent that there was a definite musical chemistry amongst himself and Maseed Productions producer/engineer, Tony C.  In June of 2018, the two went on to record and release the first video and single entitled “Gang Gang Out da’ Window” off of the forth coming “On Top Life EP”.  The entire project was produced, recorded, mixed and master by Maseed Productions and it was at that point when the “Trillz sound” truly manifested itself.  In a matter of months, the single, “Gang Gang Out da’ Window” managed to catch the attention of one the largest and most recognized DJ Pools in the country, (Fleet DJs) .  This lead to the song being accepted into the Fleet DJs record pool and also garnered him a feature on a forth coming release produced by one of the Fleet DJs own, DJ Kyng Ray of Baltimore, Maryland.

With musical influences ranging from Eminem, to Jack Johnson and Busta Rhymes, Trillz developed an affinity for using intricate cadences and wordplay throughout his verses.  His delivery and song concepts are raw, street, cutting edge, and in your face.  There is no question that the maturity of his music far exceeds his years which is what makes Trillz an industry force to be reckoned with.  No doubt, you’d never expect music like this to come from a clean cut, well raised kid from the suburbs and it is this that makes his fans respond to his music with so much enthusiasm.  He uses his youth like a weapon in that he speaks the language of his target demographic while at the same time being able to captivate audiences of people much older than him.

Even with all the attention around him, Trillz remains humble and focused as he is destined to leave his mark on the rap world for years to come.

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