Are “Type Beats” Starting to Become a Thing of the Past?

By maseedadmin on Mar 28, 2017 in Artist Tips , General , Producer Tips - 0 Comments

What’s good families?  As an artist, you literally have access to a virtually unlimited supply of beats from all types of genres.  Finding the right beat can be difficult when having to sort through countless beats from a countless number of online producers and beatmakers.  To help ease the pain of finding exactly the type of beat artists were searching for, some producer came up with an ingenious idea of including the name of an artist of whom their beat “sounded like” within the beat’s title and thus the concept of “type beats” was born.

For a while the execution of type beats was flawless, it was an easy way for a producer to bring immediate attention to his/her newly created beat.  The idea caught on like wildfire and before long, almost every single producer on the internet was making “type beats”.  I thought it was a novel idea because after all, most artists are influenced by and in some cases want to sound like their favorite artists.   Nothing wrong with an artist being influenced by their favorite artists however, the “type beat” movement has developed an era of producers that have lost sight of their own sound because all they do is make beats that sound like other well known producers.  The artists using these beats are also influenced by this and in my opinion have also lost a sense of their own identities.

So what does this mean to indie producers and artists?

Music is always in revolution, the new sound of today borrows from the old sound of yesterday while the delivery of that sound continues to advance with technology.  I feel that more serious artists are in search of a sound of their own but who has the time to sit behind a computer auditioning thousands of beats before you stumble upon one that suits you?  I feel that now more than ever, producers need to engage artists and vice versa.  Maybe instead of making type beats modeled after the style of well known artist whom will most likely never buy a beat from us, maybe us producers should be listening closer to the artist that may actually consume our products.

Imagine if producers did beats that fit the sound of the artists they are trying to attract.

Imagine if the artist didn’t have to go out and find the beat but rather, the beat found the artist.

Imagine if artists would put their egos aside and actually be open to the producer’s suggestion of beats that fit their style.

I don’t know about you but personally, I see it as a win/win situation.  Perhaps, a totally new styles of music could come out of such a movement?


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